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Scope of Work


The team at Austin Rat Removal is made up of professionals who are fully trained in safety measures related to wildlife removal, ladder usage, scaffolding usage, and all of the many other things that go along with wild animals, carpentry, and repair. It takes a great deal of knowledge and skill to be a wildlife removal expert, this is why we suggest the average homeowner not attempt to catch and relocate any wild animal or attempt to seal the openings used by and created for the entry into your home.

What type of work do we do?

First we start with professional trapping and nuisance wildlife removal. We walk with the homeowner or property owner around the property looking for access and entry points, or nests, or places where the wildlife likes to hide. Then move indoors to the attic or crawlspace to properly identify the animal and understand its patterns. Traps are set in the proper places, monitored for two or more weeks as needed. Once the animal is caught it is relocated to a place where it will no longer cause trouble for humans.

Often during the trapping process work to seal the structure beings. Meaning that our team starts to close off all entry and access points the animals were using to enter your home. These can include roof vents, roof valleys, A/C vents, and even holes they chewed themselves.

After all the holes are sealed +


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Services: Animal Control Service

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