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Fun Squirrel Facts

There are few animals across America, whether you are a city dweller or even reside in the country, which are as well recognized as the squirrel. Anybody that has a lawn or took their lunch in the park has come face to face with them.  If you have ever had a bird feeder, then you have battled wits’ with a squirrel. Do not take it personal. They are smart, agile, and fast so you’ve got to be on your feet when coping with them. There’s been many disagreements about the best way best to keep them from things they desire like a Bat Removal Company! As we figure out a way to put the seed out that they find out a way to reach it. However, in their defense, their 4 front teeth are constantly growing so that they must nibble at every opportunity to keep their teeth from growing too large. If not they can not crack nuts or eat correctly. We’ve rehabbed squirrels for more than ten years and they still keep us on our feet and thinking. Squirrel, Nager, Rodent, Cute, Nature

More than 200  fall into three major groups;  Fox Squirrels that make nests in trees, Ground Squirrels which nest in tunnels beneath stones, and Flying that occasionally appear to survive more like birds… high up in the trees.

Here in Colorado, the Tree Squirrel will have her babies in either February or August. It is dependent on ecological elements. She’ll select a warm safe place and fill it with leaves, inner bark, and other soft items. She’ll have 2-8 babies and at about 3 months their ears and eyes open.

It will require 8-10 weeks for mother to completely wean them. When rehabbing squirrels it requires until about 10-12 weeks for us to release them weaned. Training them to find natural meals (we hide food around their cage while they’re hiding in nest box) so they may be released back into the wild. Whether the young squirrel resides with their “actual” household or with our surrogate family it’ll be 2-3 weeks for them to venture out by themselves.

Squirrels have a simple diet. Insects, corn, and a number of different plants and vegetables are all on the primary diet list. However, the diet also changes depending on their location. For example a squirrel that resides in the city in your garden will consume more succulent seeds compared to squirrel that lives in the country.

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